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 Rules For Forums

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PostSubject: Rules For Forums   Sat Aug 30, 2008 11:37 am

1. No god modding
2. If a problem comes up alert a moderater, the tm, co-tm, or myself
3. No metagaming
4. no spamming
5. Respect all
6. Obey topic rules
7. Cybering is allowed but this is not a forum just for cybering don't join this jsut for cybering
8. Obey the admin, tm, co-tm or moderaters decisions unless seems unjust then consult with some1 else
9. moderators and admin (yes this includes me) must be unbiased in a situation if the mod or admin is biased then find a neutral view on things
10. give credit to the ppl who gave u the idea or u got the idea from
11. tms may transfer topic ownership to another
12. a rp may only go on if the tm or co tm is online unless the tm or co-tm otherwise said so
13. pls do not leave ur accounts logged in it confuses the others
14. dont wast topic space
15. no "one and only" (this means that ur in an rp and ur always the 1 to win but the others always fail no matter what they do although this doesn't mean power level stops u from beating some1 if say a power lvl 10 was the enemy and only 1 charatcer was power lvl 10 and the others were lower that means they can still try and if they find out a way to congrats u cant stop them unless for good reason)
16. do not timeskip on and leave some1 way far behind let them respond to what has happened
17. what the admin says goes (this rule is simply there not as a dictator or anything just as a precaution incase another unfair thing shows that is not covered under rules)
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Rules For Forums
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