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 Steps to Creating a RP forum

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PostSubject: Steps to Creating a RP forum   Sat Aug 30, 2008 11:50 am

1. post the idea in RP Topic Ideas with the following template
RP idea template
RP name: (self explanatory)
how bad creator wants to start this rp: 1-3
1 being meh just spitballin
2 being sounds interesting
3 being pls pls pls pls pls
rules: (here u list the rules for the topic)
story: (story line here)
story planned status: (put either pc for planned completley, np for not planned, pip for planning in progress, or pp for planned partial)
type of rp: (put either linear for it'll last a while but its destined to end when it reaches the end of the story (warning this type must last more than 5 pages), short story for it being planned and lasting 5 pages or less, or everlasting for it goes on adn on and on and on til it jsut dies)
power level: (here u put a number from 1- 10 showing how powerful u may be for power scale click this link )
skill level: (here u put a number between 1 to 3 on how hard u will be on the rpers
1 being piece of cake
2 being average
3 being hard)
creator: (here u put ur name of course)
Needed: (here u put what will be required to start the rp)
Credit: (if u got the idea from something or some1 give them credit here)

2. get some1 to nominate ur RP idea below is an example post

*bob posts* "i nominate ur rp idea"
*bill the creator posts* "i accept that nomination"

fyi upon nominating a rp u must meet the following terms
-u must be an rper in the rp
-u must understand the plot of the story and how the rp works
-u also must be accepted as the nominater by the creator of the idea

the benefits are below
-u are listed as the RPs co-tm (with creator as tm)
-u are 2nd in command of the RP topic (with creator (tm) as number 1)

3. have fun in the rp and be fair, have honor, and be respectful
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Steps to Creating a RP forum
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