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 power scale

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PostSubject: power scale   Wed May 13, 2009 11:25 am

1 human only - no powers or inhuman abilities whatsoever
2 mostly human - inhuman abilities like slight telekinesis, power to control tiny weak animals on touch, etc
3 half humanoids - abilities and powers welcomed but cant be strong enough to kill a man alone would need help from others
4 3/4 humanoids - powers can be stronger and have a 50% chance at killing some1 alone
5 powered humanoids - powers can kill things with use on own but cannot kill powered humanoids easily
6 more powerful humanoids - powers can kill stronger enemies but still have difficulty killing those your strength
7 near deity strong humanoids - powers reach near the power of the deities themselves and can easily kill those below your level of power but your level they have difficulties with
8 deity strong humanoids - powers can kill any non deity powered creatures easily but again yours and higher are difficult
9 near godly humanoids - powers are past deities and near godly strength
10 godly humanoids - powers are that of a god and are unrivaled by anyone but other gods
- unlimited (within rules unless voided in rp)
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power scale
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