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 ranks available

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PostSubject: ranks available   Wed May 13, 2009 12:01 pm

in honor of killzone 2 i have decided to activate ranks in this forum

everytime ur completed rps go up to a certain number and i deem it necessary (if u feel ur being forgotten remind me so i remember and look it over) i will rank u up to the next but at start every1 (and yes i mean every1 even me) starts off at the first rank

1 - newblood
limits and benefits
2 active rps only
u do not have the capability to create storyline unless u are tm of the topic
u get half the point system gives as points (this is only to weed out the impatient and ones who join then quit)

2 - local
limits and benefits
3 active rps only
u can only think up storyline for 1 time a week again unless u are tm
u get the full point system bonus

3 - half blood
limits and benefits
4 active rps only
u can think up storyline for rps anytime u want
u get 1 and a half the bonus of the point system

4 - constant
limits and benefits
5 active rps only
u get 2 times the bonus for the point system and for every week ur still active u get an additional 200 points bi weekly

5 - pure blood
limits and benefits
u can have unlimited active rps and are no longer limited unless i see that u cannot handle as much as u have active
u get 3 times as much the point system bonus plus 300 points bi weekly as long as u are active

current ranks are

admin local

ladyrose local

ember newblood

reverseworld newblood
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ranks available
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