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 battle rp character template

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PostSubject: battle rp character template   Sun May 31, 2009 10:03 pm

here i made a rp template for this section only it is currently under testing and the whole system is just beginning so for now me and bill will test it out first






The eight abilities

Strength (insert amount here) (the power of your damage and as a penalty the stronger you are the slower your speed)

Endurance (insert amount here) (The ability to tolerate pain and other effects but as a penalty the more one is in endurance the slower you are)

Speed (insert amount here) (this affects how fast you move NOT how agile you are, as a penalty the more you are in this the weaker you are in strength and endurance)

Agility (insert amount here) (this affects how well you can dodge attacks and the more strong you are the less agile you are)

Dexterity (insert number here) (this affects how accurate you are at attacking with a weapon but the more accurate you are the less powerful the damage is)

Intellect (insert amount here) (this affects how smart you are in knowledges and skills that require intellect unlike the others this has no penalty to having)

Wisdom (insert amount here) (this affects how well your memory serves you this too has no penalty for being good in)

Personality (insert amount here) (this affects how well you can speak and persuade someone this has no penalty on being good at)

(above you get 80 points to distribute a 0 means averagely good at that stat and no bonus. The bonus is calculated by dividing that stat by 2)


(list skill here) (list points here)

(here you get 30 skill points to distribute under skill names you choose, keep in mind skills cannot be knowledges they must be skills like jump, craft, etc. aka non knowledge skills)

(If you are to use these skills you use a bonus of the total skill points in that skill and bonus is calculated same as stats)

(name of knowledge) (knowledge point total here)
(here you get 30 knowledge points. you name a knowledge that is non skill based and again bonus is calculated same as stat bonus)


(weakness name) (weakness description)
(I mainly put this area for proof the character is not uber powered one of my strict rules I enforce is you do NOT immediately know the characters weakness. And that if I say it is uber powered I will either put a weakness in explaining my change or take away a power)

self description

history: (a brief maximum 1 paragraph description of characters history)

reputation: (a small description of how people know this character)


likes: (what he/she/it likes)

dislikes: (what he/she/it dislikes)

values/motos/beliefs: (what this person values and follows ex: honor, law, etc)

significant pieces of info: (other info that would affect combat)

pic/description: (here put a link to a picture or describe what he//she/it looks like)



(name of weapon) (how many weapon points you put in it) (damage plus strength)
(you get 20 weapon points to disperse among your weapons and maximum weapons you may have is 4)


(type of armor) (what its made of) (armor points)
agility (armor points)
(how well you make your armor is made by point dispersal, you get 10 armor points and can disperse it between armor or agility)


(spell name) (spell element) (spell description) (spell damage)
(if you so choose to have no armor then you have the option of gaining magic spells at your abilities. You get 5 spell points at your choice and for every point put in a spell the damage increases another die number ex: 2 points 2 dies of damage, 5 points 5 dies of damage)
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battle rp character template
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