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 mutations rp

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PostSubject: mutations rp   Tue Jun 02, 2009 10:06 am

RP name: mutations
how bad creator wants to start this rp: 3
1 being meh just spitballin
2 being sounds interesting
3 being pls pls pls pls pls
rules: group rules except minus the one and only rule, what i say goes (dont worry i will be fair)
story: its the year 2009 and an underground facility was detonated releasing a mysterious toxin mist within the bustling new york sized and busy city. the government took control and quarantined all who were infected to remain within the city with no supplies yet there was a mutation among the plants. they didn't need seeds, water, or soil or sunlight to grow meaning an everlasting supply of food, and water was no longer needed for the mutated. among all but 1 there was 1 similarity. the mutation did not change their looks. only 1 was changed in looks and he calls himself daemon puresoul, the town has divided in 2 opinion wise yet still live together perfectly fine in public, one half of the town believes they must befriend the non mutated so they are let out to be free while the other half believe that they must extinguish the humans and show them they deserve to be free by force. although they remain different 1 thing is in common with the both sides, they both believe if daemon were to join their side they will succeed so they each sent 1 person to convince him to join them, ordered by a superior giving them orders of what to do they try and convince daemon to join their side. although they must not threaten ones life, or force daemon to join them. daemon must join by his own choice unaware of his destiny and their beliefs. (the other rpers will be playing the ones who try and convince daemon and i will play 3 charatcers, daemon, and the 2 superiors giving u orders)
story planned status: pp
type of rp: linear or everlasting
power level: me currently 5 but later 10, every1 else 5
skill level: 3
1 being piece of cake
2 being average
3 being hard
creator: admin
Needed: 2 other separate rpers
Credit: infamous commercial
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mutations rp
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