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 The Guardian

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PostSubject: The Guardian   Mon Dec 15, 2008 11:08 am

rules: No Spamming.
Questions are allowed. Use () to indicate OCC (out of character comment)
No Flaming

story: A UFC fighter helps and falls for a female who ishalf-dragon/half-human.
power level: 4
1 being minor powers like heating up a bowl of soup in hands at max ability
2 being fairly powerful but still not able to kill a human in 1 shot (so to say)
3 being able to kill a npc in 1 shot (again so to say) but difficult to kill a rper
4 being almost godly power
5 being godly powers
- being no power limit)
skill level: 2
1 being piece of cake
2 being average
3 being hard)
creator: LadyRose
Credit: suggestion from the Admin.
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The Guardian
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