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 Entering The Battle RP

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PostSubject: Entering The Battle RP   Sat May 30, 2009 2:32 pm

This is where you and another player put up two character to hone your battle role-playing skills.

The Battle RP Rules:

- 1: No God-modding
- 2: No directly declaring that you have attacked your enemy. This means you cannot say that your blade has struck the opponent. Rather you must say your blade has made a vertical slash for the opponents neck. (Unless you have good reason for it to hit like following example: *The warrior Tai hits Kai with a mysterious punch* *Kai takes the hit so he can swing for an opening at Tai* *Kai stops dead in his tracks for the punch was parylization and he couldn't do anything so tai takes this chance and nails Kai in the throat crushing Kai's Adam's apple* ) This gives your opponent the chance to retaliate and makes for a better Battle experience.
-3: No unfair amounts of attacks per turn. Because in a real fight your opponent doesn't doesn't stand still and let you attack 12 times in a row without moving.
-4: Being fair is the key rule. Letting each person have an equal chance is the best way of role-playing
-5 Be literate and explain each move with detail as not to confuse others.
-6 No making attacks up on the spot follow only what's on the character bio at the beginning

Battle Request Template
- [+] Type: This is the type of Battle Role-play. For example: Mecha Combat or Mage Battle.
- [+] Number of Players: This is where the number of players goes.
- [+] Teams: most of the time this is 1 vs 1. But other time it could be 3 vs 2 or so else.
- [+] Location: This is the location where the battle will take place. This can be from space to a small field in china.
- [+] Battle Field: This is where you describe the Location and where your battle will take place.
- [+] Conditions: This is where you put how the winner is decided. Weather is be last man standing or the first player to looses their weapons is out.
- [+] Restrictions: The is where you put what allowed and what isn't allowed.
- [+] Time Limit: The Total time the battle will go on for before a winner is decided.
- [+] Between Post Limit: The time each player has to post before they are considered out of action and loose.

Tournaments will be held every often and will be awarded with (Pending: I have to talk to the Admin)

Last thing have fun and play fair.

Last edited by BriniaSona on Sun May 31, 2009 10:11 pm; edited 4 times in total (Reason for editing : rule 3 was changed because sometimes characters are fast enough to attack more than 2 times)
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Entering The Battle RP
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